press release, 1 march, 2012

ASSOCIATION for the truth about the murder of SOPHIE TOSCAN DU PLANTIER born BOUNIOL

The family and the Association for the Truth about the Murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier born Bouniol who was murdered in Ireland in December 1996, learned with surprise, disconcerting disappointment and anger the decision of the Irish Supreme Court to refuse the application made by the French judiciary, and to extradite Ian Bailey.
- The Association strongly disapproves of a decision that once again, emphasizes form over substance and blocks the emergence of truth in this heinous crime.
- The Association deplores the unusual and excessive time taken by the Irish Justice to respond to the European arrest warrant issued two years ago by Judge Gachon.
- The Association wonders why there were 15 years of delays and contradictions in this case by the Irish justice.
- The Association reaffirms its support to the family, who have endured 15 years of brutal injustice and pressure, and its confidence in the French judiciary to continue the current instruction, identify the killers, have them charged and elucidate the crime. Our fight for truth and justice continues …

Our reaction in response to the decision of the Supreme Cour not to execute the EAW