15 offences against the truth

ASSOCIATION for the truth about the murder of SOPHIE TOSCAN DU PLANTIER born BOUNIOL


Sophie Toscan du Plantier’s case: 15 offences against the truth

Sophie's death on December 23, 1996 is the result of a felony.

The treatment of the case was marred by a shockingly long list of offences against the truth. Here we’ve identified 15 of them.

  1. 1)The almost total inertia of French police and judicial systems in the first hours after the discovery of the body till the end of 2007: A complete absence of actions usually taken (sequestration, call records, personal computer...) since the discovery of an offence, no matter where it is perpetrated.

  2. 2)The very late arrival on the scene (30h +) of the State Pathologist, which resulted in the impossibility to know the exact time of death, and even the exact cause of the death.

  3. 3)The total absence of official information to the family by the Irish authorities for more than 12 years.

  4. 4)The non-completion, in Ireland, of reconstruction or confrontations, thus jeopardizing seriously the search for the truth, thus paving the way to lies and omissions.

  5. 5)The refusal by the main witness, Marie Farrell, to reveal the identity of her companion on the night of December 22 to 23, 1996, and the official acceptance of such a refusal.

  6. 6)The lies, omissions and contradictions of Ian Bailey on early knowledge of facts concerning the murder of Sophie.

  7. 7)The lies of Ian Bailey about his knowledge of Sophie.

  8. 8)The lies of Ian Bailey about the cause of the injury on his forehead and scratches on the back of his hands and forearms, which all appeared on December 23 rd, 1996.

  9. 9)The lies of Ian Bailey and Jules Thomas about their whereabouts in the morning of Monday December 23, 1996.

  10. 10)The loss of the 3 diaries (95-96-97) that Sophie had brought with her to Ireland.

  11. 11)The refusal by the various Directors of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to consider the testimonies against Ian Bailey, especially those evidenced in public during the lawsuit at the initiative of Ian Bailey in 2003 against 7 English and Irish newspapers.

  12. 12)The highly questionable late withdrawal of Mary Farrell’s testimony in 2005, nine years after the murder, and after having publicly confirmed her original testimony in 2003 before an Irish court.

  13. 13)The disclosure by retired DPP and the in-office DPP of a deeply biased document in favour of the innocence of Ian Bailey and against the Garda investigation. This is an extremely serious violation of the secrecy of the investigation.

  14. 14)The verdict established on false grounds by the Supreme Court of Ireland to justify its decision of March 6, 2012 to reject the European Arrest Warrant.

  15. 15)The logic of a judicial system obsessed with an adversarial approach at the expense of the search for truth.

All details in support of these 15 assertions can be found in the book "A denial of justice, «L’affaire Sophie Toscan du Plantier, un déni de justice", published end of January 2014 by Max Milo, publisher : here or there.